Talking African Grey Parrots

Fully tame Talking African Grey Parrots for sale 550$

ur baby Grey’s are parent started, this enables them to obtain the appropriate crop flora and robust immune system that only the parents can supply. They are then lovingly hand raised in a family environment on a premium hand raising  formula, weaned on soaked seed, pellets, grains, fresh fruit, nuts  and vegetables, well socialized and harness trained.
Note: African Grey’s require more sunlight than the average parrot to aid the conversion of vitamin D to its active form.
We believe quality is the most important aspect to be considered when purchasing a parrot.
We offer ongoing support with all our babies.
If you are interested in inquiring further about the availability of  our hand raised baby African Grey’s  

you can contact us now

6 thoughts on “Talking African Grey Parrots

  1. Always easy to use website fast delivery really pleased even when emailing with a question always answer in a timely manner and vet polite helpful staff brilliant servic


  2. As always Daniel W Parrots and Aviary make ordering so easy. Ordering an electrical item, I wanted to check I had all the necessary components so called Customer Service. The young girl was polite, knowledgeable and saved me duplicating part of my order for which I was very grateful. That’s why they are always my first choice when purchasing anything for my parrots.


  3. I received an email from Daniel W Parrots and Aviary showing my parrot food is on offer so I placed an order online despite being in Spain at the time.
    I remembered an hour later that I would not be home on the delivery date either.
    I emailed the company and was able to change the delivery address even though the order had been processed.
    Great customer service, thank you!


  4. Trust Pilot says no “No accusations that can’t be proven”. Well I accuse Daniel W Parrots and Aviary of being as good as it gets when it comes to Parrot paraphernalia. If they haven’t got it you probably dont need it! The standard delivery has always been on time so far and the website is easy to use too


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