Baby Green winged macaws for sale

Baby Green winged macaws for sale 1,100$

They are the second largest macaw in the world and are known for good reason as the “gentle giants” of the macaw world.  These beauties are certainly something very special when it comes to owning a companion pet. A highly intelligent Macaw with a calm and steady temperament, they are inquisitive and take most things in their stride. If raised properly and kept well socialized, they make an absolutely tremendous companion, that’s both loving and incredibly affectionate. Baby Green winged macaws for sale.

The baby Green Winged Macaws that we breed are parent started. This enables them to obtain the appropriate crop and gut flora that only the parents can provide. We do this so they can establish a robust immune system. We raise all our companion babies within our own family environment. Each baby interacts with family members on a daily basis and also experiences/ familiarizes itself with different situations and noises associated with general household living. Baby Green winged macaws for sale.

Our baby macaws are raised on a quality formula and weaned onto soaked/sprouted seed, pellets, nuts, fresh fruit and vegetables. We like to expose our babies to a healthy amount of sun whilst weaning so they can absorb the necessary amounts of vit D for maximum calcium absorption. All our baby Green Winged Macaws are harness trained so you get the optimum level of enjoyment out of them by being able to take them out to the park etc.  We are also happy to teach them in house recall before they go to their new homes. Baby Green winged macaws for sale

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